One of the main benefits of being a solo is I can bill how my clients and I, and not some billing and intake committee, think makes sense. Therefore, I can and do work under a wide variety of billing arrangements, including:

  • fixed fees for specific projects or baskets of tasks (my preferred method)
  • hourly rates
  • fee deferrals
  • premium billing for completed transactions with reduced fees if the deal doesn't go forward; and
  • monthly retainers for acting as outside general counsel


I also offer startup companies looking to incorporate in Delaware a complete startup organization package for a fixed fee of $3000 (plus out-of-pocket expenses, such as name reservation and filing fees in Delaware and qualification fees in other states, if applicable), which includes an initial in person meeting and unlimited phone calls during the preparation of the documents, all of which will be customized to the specifics of your company.   The full startup organization package is designed to provide startups the structure and all of the documents they need to incorporate, hire employees, begin operations and be in a position to take their initial outside funding, and consists of the following:

Incorporation, Organization and Qualification

  • Reservation of corporate name, if desired (Delaware fee of $75.00)
  • Preparation and filing of Delaware Certificate of Incorporation (Delaware and registered agent fees vary - $287.00 minimum)
  • Preparation of Bylaws
  • Preparation of Action By Incorporator
  • Preparation of Organizational Board Unanimous Written Consent
  • Preparation and filing of qualification to do business as a foreign corporation in the state in which the company is located (filing fee varies by jurisdiction)
  • Preparation of Unanimous Written Consent of Stockholders for matters requiring stockholder approval, including approval of option plan
  • Preparation of form of Indemnification Agreement for officers and directors

Capitalization Matters

  • Preparation of Founders’ Restricted Stock Purchase Agreements for up to four founders
  • Preparation of Stock Certificates for up to four founders
  • Preparation of Memorandum re: 83(b) Elections for founders
  • Preparation of Stock Option Plan and related forms of Option and Restricted Stock Agreements

Employment and Consulting Matters

  • Preparation of form of At-Will Employment Offer Letter
  • Preparation of form of Proprietary Information, Non-Compete and Inventions Assignment Agreement
  • Preparation of form of Independent Contractor Services Agreement

Intellectual Property Matters

  • Preparation of form of Unilateral Nondisclosure Agreement
  • Preparation of form of Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement
  • Preparation of form of Assignment of intellectual property from founders to the company
The above details  are are available as a Word document here.   If you don't want or don't yet need the complete package I can quote a fixed fee for a subset of the documents and services included in the complete package.  Just ask.

In short, if you've got an idea for billing arrangements, I'm happy to listen.