How I Work

My mission is to help my clients build value, whether they are looking to create a business for the long haul or are instead seeking a shorter term exit by sale or IPO.  Unlike as is the case with many large, institutional law firms, where complexity is part of the method of operation, I try to demystify and simplify the practice of law with transformative legal services for entrepreneurs.

The Initial Meeting:

It all begins with an initial meeting or phone call.   I'll sit down with you in person or virtually and discuss what’s going on with your business (or your idea, if you don't already have a business) so we can each see if we click.   There's no charge for the initial meeting, and I'm not opposed to having an espresso or beer while we have it - I'll usually even treat.

The Engagement Letter:

If we mutually agree to proceed, I’ll send you your engagement letter online and get our partnership started.   That letter will set forth our expectations on working together and our agreement as to billing.  For the billing options I offer click on the "Billing" tab above.

The Next Steps:

This part’s pretty simple. I’ll work on your matters and get them done on time and on budget.

I also understand that knowledge is the best investment you can make in yourself or I can make in you.  That's why I generally will not charge you for answering phone calls and emails you have with questions about your business. Because I much prefer helping you build something to helping you clean up a mess, it's in both of our interests to not have you hesitant about picking up the phone to call for advice because you don't want to get stuck with a bill for a 1/2 hour phone call about something that may not even be a problem.